Work: Juried Exhibition of Functional Art

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    Bonfield Gallery

    Work: Juried Exhibition of Functional Art features work exploring the relationship between form and function. Through inventive and creative use of materials and functional forms, themes of craft, design, adornment, work, and process emerge. Artists from across the USA were invited to submit work for this opportunity. The selections were made by guest juror Thomas Pyrzewski, Director of Galleries and Special Programming at Wayne State University.

    Participating Artists:
    Shelley Beaumont, Michael Burmeister, Jim Champion, Garret Demarest, Henry Droski, Adam Goldberg, Whitney Goller, Sam Hotchkiss, Adiya J, Ashley Lohr, Clay Maas, Lillian Maynard, Corinne McAuley, Carl Morton, Elizabeth Paxson, Barry Roitblat, Jason Schneider, Elizabeth Shawaker, Melissa Smith, Regina Vorgang, and Lars Westby. 


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