Small Worlds: Juried Exhibition of Small Works

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    Take a closer look and appreciate the little things in life. Nearly 100 original works of art no larger than 12" in any dimension fill the galleries. This juried exhibition opportunity was open to artists working across the United States. 93 artists from 29 states were selected for this exhibition.

    Participating Artists:

    Valerie Allen, Mary Angers, Amy Araujo, Anne Auld, Annemarie Baldauf, Juanita Baldwin, Keri Barker Miller, Linda Barlow, Gary Barton, Jim Bellisle, Mark Beltchenko, Mary-Glynn Boies, Joel Brown, Gregory Bryant, Laura Burke, Beth Bynum, Cheryl Chidester, Ev Christie, Youyun Chung, Kathleen Conover, Karen Cooper, Jane Corich, Pamela Crockett, Tom Cubr, Carolyn Damstra, Janet Darby, Peter de Pelsmacker, Garret Demarest, Amber Dong, Deanna Dorangrichia, Gretchen Dorian, Mel Dugosh, Christy Dunkle, Alysse Einbender, Thomas Fernandez, Michael Gabriel, April Gavin, Chet Geiselman, Ann George, Kristina Glick, Victoria Goro-Rapoport, Juan Granados, Alcy Hart, Margaret Henkels, Nicholas Hill, Debra Howard, Elizabeth Hubler-Torrey, Jill Hunt, Adiya J, Matthew Jones, Susan Kaineg, Shannon Kelly, Gwendolyn Kern, Ruth Participating Artists: Kitchen, Michael Kolitsky, Michael Koole, Sheila Lamberson, Stephanie Lanter, Stacy Leeman, Hiram Lewis, Emily Luyk, Chris May, Meridith McNeal, Wendy McWhorter, Armin Mersmann, Mercedes Michalowski, Timothy Norris, Nikki Painter, Jim Pearson, Amy Peterman, Sudie Rakusin, Marilyn Rebant, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Joel Rudin, Bill Schahfer, Amy Schnitzer, Aren Shawn, Egor Shokoladov, Robin Speth, Kathy Spoering, Jennifer Sugarmn, Mark Videan, G.E. Vogt, Sharon Wade, Weiting Wei, Chris Winn, Amber Winston-Squres, Michael Woodle, Theresa Youngman.

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    FIRST PLACE ($500):  Linda Barlow, "Antigua"
    SECOND PLACE ($300): Amy Peterman, "Summer Memories"
    THIRD PLACE ($200): Anne Auld, "Floating Terror"

    Honorable Mention: Stephanie Lanter, "Likers"
    Honorable Mention: Susan Kaineg, "Make Waves"
    Honorable Mention: Mercedes Michalowski, "Blockhouse"
    Honorable Mention: Weiting Wei, "Seeds"

    Our juror was Tami Fauver, Executive Director and Chief Curator for Krasl Art Center. 
    Fauver had the tough task of reviewing over 500 works of art for this national opportunity. She aimed to select works that reflect a breadth of approaches, including examples that demonstrated dynamic and interesting uses of media. The award-winning works each exhibit excellent use of material, be it through outstanding skill; lovely, thoughtful manipulation of form; or a unique way of pushing the boundaries of material and expectations.


    image: Nikki Painter, "Climb (Night)" (detail).

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