Woven Together: The Fiber Work of Sherri Smith

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    For nearly 50 years, fiber artist Sherri Smith has been impacting and influencing the field of fiber arts around the world. Smith’s artwork came to prominence after being included in the 1969 groundbreaking exhibition, Wall Hangings, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In addition to exhibiting her work in museums and galleries across the US and abroad, Smith went on to develop the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design’s fibers program. After four decades of dedicated service to the University, Smith retired from the Stamps School in spring 2018.

    Smith’s exhibition features work from her most recent series, Astronomy, which is concerned with science and - at times - mathematics. Inspired by NASA images made by space missions and telescopes, old astronomy drawings, and lunar maps, Smith’s work is a celebration of our ultimate explorations.


    Image: Sherri Smith. Mercury. Strip woven with cotton yarn and cloth. Image courtesy of Sherri Smith


    Sherri Smith

    Exhibiting Artist
    CTAC Petoskey
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