Cultivated: Relationships with Nature

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    Bonfield Gallery

    The natural world is a complex system of constant growth and change. Nature can thrive, adapt, and evolve without intentional intervention, or it can grow through external influence, manipulation, or force. This exhibition explores the latter, asking us to consider the idea of cultivation — the intentional act of nurturing and encouraging growth. Cultivated: Relationships with Nature features work by artists Ayaka Prenton, Jennifer Seo, Megan Heeres, Melissa Webb, Rob Harold, and Sue Moran.

    Through contemporary photographs, mixed media fiber works, and site-specific installations, the subjects, colors, textures, and materials of nature are manipulated to explore the nuances that exist between what is natural and artificial. Together, the works ask us to consider the very concept of cultivation and what we choose to grow in our own lives. 

    Image credit: Melissa Webb, Laura I, archival digital print, 2019 (detail)

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