CTAC Presents: CutTime Simfonica

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    CTAC Theater
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    $25 Members / $35 Non-Members / $10 Students

    CutTime® began within the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) with two outreach ensembles by bassist-member Rick Robinson (aka Mr. CutTime). CutTime Players is the mixed octet based on Stravinsky’s Histoire du Soldat (The Soldier’s Tale), performing a hundred transcriptions of lively and familiar symphonic and other classical hits, which performed two Crooked Tree programs during a residency in 1999. CutTime Simfonica® is the sensuous string ensemble, often with light drumming to perform Robinson’s Kresge-winning, funky-romantic compositions. Together these ensembles flip classical to demystify and even Americanize the “sacred” tradition of symphony concerts with intimate, informative and interactive styles. A cut time is the musical symbol for two beats per bar, meaning either fast and lively or easy and swinging. Going beyond “dumbing down,” CutTime cuts classical loose so it works for everyone else.

    Learning of the worldwide Classical Revolution movement, CutTime began to bring classical music into Detroit clubs, pubs and casual settings during the 6-month DSO strike in 2010. The response to this “New Classical” was so positive, Robinson resigned his DSO position in 2012 to begin working nationally with musicians, orchestras, summer festivals, clubs and collaborators to develop more context, methods, music and appetite for classical music taken off the pedestal. CutTime creates adaptive and addictive new musical experiences specifically for communities of new listeners, because everyone deserves beauty. Hear recordings, discover more and support this work at www.cuttime.com.



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