Animal - Vegetable - Mineral: Paintings by Nancy Adams Nash (Opens May 25)

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    The haunting creatures that exist in Nancy Adams Nash’s paintings suggest ambiguous narratives that evoke a sense of mystery, curiosity, seriousness, and humor. Nash's solo exhibition, Animal - Vegetable - Mineral, features new paintings by the Northern Michigan artist, as well as select works from the past.

    Nash has been working with acrylic on canvas or wood panels for over 45 years. Her process is intuitive. Each piece begins with a layer of paint that she then "draws" through with tools to establish an incised line before it dries. Nash stated, "This approach ensures a more unrefined image, and often the shapes and characters surprise even me. I then shade or color the elements until I like what I see or when a story emerges, the more mysterious or ambiguous the better." The rawness that results from this way of working infuses each painting with vitality, and her unique vision and skilled hand provide a nuanced refinement that adds complexity to the work. 

    Animal - Vegetable - Mineral: Paintings by Nancy Adams Nash opens with CTAC's May Swirl.
    The exhibition will be on view through September 2.


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    Nancy Adams Nash

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