Guild Member Salon Show 2021 - Online Exhibition

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    The annual Guild Member Salon Show, in its second year, invites all participating artist members to include work in a salon style exhibition. The resulting display offers a range and depth of stylistic approaches, experience, media, and content. This year, the exhibition has been moved to an online only format and resulted in a digital publication.

    Purchasing Artwork: Similar to CTAC’s in-person exhibition, the online Guild Member Salon Show features work for sale. To purchase work, click on the item for an online checkout or call (231) 941-9488. Since artwork is at home and safe with the artists, please allow one week for the work to arrive at one of the CTAC locations. After which, CTAC can either schedule a pickup or coordinate shipping of the work for an additional charge. As always, purchasing artwork from CTAC supports both the organization and our local artists!


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    Exhibiting Artists: Joe Abdella, Mary Andersen, Kurt Anderson, Kristy Avery, Ragnar Avery, Juanita Baldwin, Douglas Barron, Kevin Barton, Sue Bingham, Sue Bowerman, Beth Bynum, Ann Carolan, Cherie Correll, Royce Deans, Gretchen Dorian, Pamela Dueweke, Lori Feldpausch, Rich Foa, Steve Fritz, Linda Gardiner, Raymond Gaynor, Susan Glass, Brian Goff, Denice Goldschmidt, Diane Grand, Robert Harold, Roger Hersberger, Sharon Hubbard, Heidi Huck, Bridget Johnson, Gloria Katz, Louis Katz, Judy Kelly, Karen Kimmell, Ruth Kitchen, Linda Klenczar, Rick Koehler, Katie Lowran, Anne Matzka, Teresa McGill, Sherry McNamara, Wendy McWhorter, Mark Mehaffey, Dorothy Mudget, John O’Neill, Jay Petersen, Steve Petrides, Marilyn Rebant, Barbara Reich, Ann Robinson, Janet Ryan, Dorothea Sandra, Angela Saxon, Trisha Shattuck, Colleen Shull, Justin Shull, Deborah Simms, Michele Smith, Pam Spicer, Sheila Stafford, Cydney Steeb, Julie Stoppel, Karen Thumm, Jennifer Tobias, Adam VanHouten, Debra VanLeen, Mark Videan, David Westerfield, Theresa Youngman.

    Featured Image: Barbara Reich, "Snow Glow," Pastel, 2020, 12" x 9".