The Nutcracker: Reimagined Up North

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    The Nutcracker 2020: Reimagined Up North
    December 19 - January 30

    We are excited to announce the world premiere of The Crooked Tree Arts Center School of Ballet's Nutcracker 2020!  Nutcracker 2020 is a full-length performance that you, your friends, and family will be able to view in the safety and comfort of home, anywhere in the world, beginning December 19 at 11 AM through January 30th.  

    Nutcracker 2020 reimagines the classic Nutcracker story - all set at your favorite Northern Michigan landmarks. 

    This spectacular performance brings all of your favorite scenes and characters from Nutcracker to modern-day Northern Michigan while still enchanting and delighting children of all ages.  Clara and Fritz evade their parents during a shopping trip in Petoskey's Gaslight District and find a quaint shop where Clara is gifted the magical nutcracker doll.  The impish Fritz becomes jealous of Clara's gift, as little brothers across the land tend to do, and breaks the doll.  Clara and her friends seek revenge on naughty Fritz and his buddies during a furious battle at the Clock Tower.  Clara makes her way to the break wall in a stunning solo performance that ends with her disappearance into a world of fantasy and magic.  Here, she is reunited with her cherished nutcracker doll, and embarks on adventures including cavorting with Water Sprites under the waves of Lake Michigan, tumbling with Petoskey Stones on the beach, and playing in the forest with Wood Nymphs.  And so much more! You won't want to miss this unique and enchanting performance!


    Stream to your home with Anywhere Seat:
    Purchase a virtual ticket now on Anywhere Seat to stream directly to your home devices. You can stream the performance for $25 for the whole family to enjoy! You can view the performance at any time beginning Saturday, December 19 at 11 AM - view at your convenience! You may watch more than once, streaming availability ends on January 30, 2021. Purchase your Anywhere Seat ticket HERE.

    Purchase a USB:
    We are offering USB sticks to watch the performance from your home devices for $40. USB's will be shipped in mid-January. To purchase your USB, please call (231) 347-4337.

    All proceeds support the CTAC Dance Scholarship Fund and School of Ballet! 



    Can I see The Nutcracker 2020 in person? For the health and safety of our community due to COVID -19, and the state-mandated closure of theaters, we will not be offering an in-person, live production.

    Can I watch the performance more than once on Anywhere Seat? Yes. You may watch the performance multiple times. By default, Ticket Codes can be used multiple times. So patrons can simply enter their code to watch again. If it’s already been used, the system will send them a new code so they can enter and watch, but won’t force them to purchase another ticket.