Coffee @ 10 with Regina Brubacker Carver: Identifying Indigenous Handmade Baskets

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    Coffee @ 10: Identifying Indigenous Handmade Baskets with Regina Brubacker-Carver
    Thursday, September 30

    Want to know more about how to identify indigenous handmade baskets? Join us for a Coffee @ 10 with Regina Brubacker-Carver! 


    Aanii, Mash kozykew ndizhnikaaz; Bidaasig ndojibaa (my name is Strong Woman and I live near Petoskey, Michigan.) My birth name is Regina Brubacker-Carver and I am the second white feather daughter. I have been a crafter my whole life. As a child, I would cut up my mom's fabric scraps to make dolls and doll clothes. I learned to sew, knit, and crochet as a young woman and as I grew up, I experimented with other skills such as macrame, quilting, basket, and jewelry making. I watched my mother become an exquisite bead after she retired, and I took a few classes she taught me in medallion making. The summer after she walked on, I took up beadwork as a means of feeling her close to me. I have been working with beads ever since, although I still go off on sewing or knitting binges every so often. I believe, as a result of our unique heritage (crafty Native American on Mom's side and thrifty Mennonite on Dad's,) I have a natural talent and vision for creating wearable arts. I like nothing better than to take a pile of supplies and sit with them until they reveal what they want to be made into.

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