Summer Session I: Intermediate Ballet

    316 East Mitchell Dance Studio
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    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:30-2:00 PM
    Grade Range
    3rd grade - 6th grade
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    Summer Session I: June 20 - July 9 (No class July 4th).  Taught by Miss Heather and guest instructors.

    Weekly Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12:00-1:30 pm

    For Intermediate dancers ages 8-11 years old.

    This workshop will be taught in-person and online via Zoom. Please select the online or in-person option when checking out.

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    Supplies provided
    Art Area

    Heather Raue

    Artistic Director – Crooked Tree Arts Center School of Ballet
    CTAC Petoskey
    Cancellation & Class Policies

    The following COVID-19 related policies are in place for classes that begin after April 1, 2022:

    Face Coverings (updated 4/1/22)
    As of April 1 and in accordance with the lifting of the mask recommendation by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, masks are not required for CTAC classes that begin after April 1*. However, should COVID-19 pandemic conditions change, CTAC will continue to follow local/state health department guidelines on masking, and will update class registrants via email and our website accordingly in the event of a change in requirements.

    *Some classes may still require masking, and that will be noted clearly in the class description.

    Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or who have recently tested positive should not come to class, and should follow the CDC guidelines on quarantining and masking.

    Symptoms of Covid-19 include: Fever or chills; cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; loss of taste or smell; sore throat; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; diarrhea.

    Students and instructors should sanitize their hands upon class arrival and departure. Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant will be available onsite.


    Student Withdrawal
    Requests for cancellation by the student at least seven (7) days prior to the first day of class will be honored (minus a $20 processing fee).  NO REFUNDS will be given for a student cancellation made less than seven (7) days in advance of the first day of the class.

    Class Cancellations (Weather)
    When Public Schools of Petoskey are closed due to inclement weather, CTAC-Petoskey classes are cancelled. We will do our best to provide a make-up opportunity for the missed class. Refunds will not be given if the student is unable to attend the rescheduled session of class. Workshops and one-time classes will be handled on a per-class basis. School of Ballet students are asked to make up the missed class in an alternate session approved by their instructor.

    Student Absence
    We are unable to offer refunds or make-up sessions for classes missed due to student absence.

    Minimum Enrollment
    Crooked Tree Arts Center reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet its minimum student enrollment prior to the first class session. If a class is cancelled by CTAC for lack of enrollment, CTAC will offer a full refund to the student in the manner in which tuition was paid. (Cash payments will be refunded by check.)


    • As our sessions run for 12 (Fall) -20 (Winter/Spring) weeks, please prioritize extra-curricular activities accordingly.
    • If Petoskey Schools are closed due to snow, there will be no classes.
    • If a student misses class due to illness, they may make it up any time during the current session. If a student has an injury, they are encouraged to watch class and take notes.
    • Dancers must arrive to class on time prepared and ready to dance. Levels Intermediate-Advanced are expected to be at least 10 minutes early to stretch as they are responsible for warming themselves up. If a student is less than 10 minutes late, they may ask permission to take class. Students who are continuously late for class, will be asked to sit out of class.
    • There is absolutely NO talking during class, unless it is a question or comment to the instructor. Disruptive students may be asked to sit out of class, or sent home.
    • No gum or food may be brought into the studio for ANY reason.
    • The School of Ballet dress-code is based on classical standards for dance training. This dress code helps students focus on their work in class, and prepares them for performances. Students feel pride in themselves when they are dressed properly and ready for class.
    • Students and their parents are responsible for understanding the dress code.
    • Students in violation of dress code will be asked to correct the problem prior to class. If there are ongoing problems, the student will be asked to sit out of class when he/she is not prepared for class.
    • More serious students are encouraged to attend more than one class per week, as regular study ensures more rapid progress.
    • Advanced dance classes are by audition/invitation only. Advanced ballet students are required to attend 4 ballet classes per week.
    • We recommend purchasing dance wear at:
      * Bottoms Up – Okemos 517.349.0158
      * The Dance Center Boutique – Traverse City 231.947.6820
      * Diva Dancewear – Traverse City 231.941.7552
      * Kicks – Grand Rapids 616.776.5966
      * Discount Dance Supply –


    • Leotard
      Solid colored leotard (black is preferred) for ladies. White tee, leotard or tank for gentlemen.
    • Tights
      Ladies; full-footed pink tights (with or without seams), no footless or rolled-up tights.
      Gentlemen; black tights, sweatpants or shorts.
    • Ballet Slippers
      Pink leather (preferred) or canvas ballet slippers for ladies and white or black ballet slippers for gentlemen. Ballet slippers must be properly sewn with narrow elastic prior to entering class. Please adjust drawstrings and tie them in a KNOT, rather than a bow. Trim the ends to about 1 inch, and tuck the ends inside the shoe. Please do NOT tie the drawstrings in a bow, or leave the ends outside the shoe. (This is for the safety of the dancers.)
    • Pointe Shoes
      A student must receive permission by Ms. Heather in order to wear, or be fitted for pointe shoes. Upon approved fitting, pointe shoes must be reviewed by Ms. Heather prior to wearing them.
    • Warm-Ups
      When students wear warm-ups, their technique is not fully visible to teachers. The studio temperatures are kept suitably warm, so there is no need for students to wear clothing over their classroom attire. If a student has a specific injury that requires a warm-up, please speak to Ms. Heather for special arrangements prior to class.
    • Accessories
      Absolutely no tank tops, camisole tops, sweatshirts, pants or shorts are allowed in ballet class. Ballet skirts are acceptable.
    • Jewelry
      Absolutely no watches or jewelry in class, with the exception of small, secure earrings. Students who wear jewelry to class will be asked to remove it.
    • Undergarments
      Girls’ tights serve as underwear beneath their leotards. (Please be sure to buy dance tights, which have a cotton crotch.) Underpants inhibit movement and are very unsightly, and are not allowed under tights. While this can be a bit of a surprise to younger dancers, they adjust quickly.

      Please avoid an uncomfortable situation for your dancer by explaining this aspect of ballet dress code to them ahead of time, and making sure they come to class in proper attire. This will also prepare dancers for our year-end performance. 

      Male dancers must wear a dance belt or dance briefs under their tights. 

      Nude-colored body stockings or bras may be worn by female dancers who need extra support
    • Hair
      Improper hairstyles are not only messy, they interfere with dance training. Standard ballet hairstyle for girls is a secure, slicked-back bun with no bangs. Standard hairstyle for boys is short and neat, or pulled into a ponytail if hair is long.

      Students in violation of hair code will be required to correct their hair prior to entering class. This means secure buns with hairnets. Absolutely NO loosely-tied hairdos. Absolutely NO ponytails, with the exception of Beginning Ballet students.

      Students are expected to bring adequate hair supplies with them to the studio. We recommend keeping a bag or other container with hair supplies in dance bags, along with hair spray or gel.

      Girls with short hair are still expected to pull hair back using clips.

      If you need help with buns or other hair questions, please ask Ms. Heather prior to class for help.


    • Leotard
      Solid colored leotard (black is preferred) for ladies, or a camisole top with leggings. White tee, leotard or tank for gentlemen.
    • Tights
      Ladies; full-footed pink tights (with or without seams), or leggings.
      Gentlemen; black tights, sweatpants or shorts.
    • Shoes
      Specific shoes are required for class, and Miss Karrie will provide parents with information on the first day of class. Until the specified shoes are acquired students may go barefoot.