Collection to Collage: Inspired by Nature -- Workshop with Laura Berman (Online)

Tuesday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Adult - Adult
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Tuesday, May 4 
9am -12pm 
online (1-session workshop) 

Join Good Hart Artist in Residence, Laura Berman, in this approachable and creative one-day online workshop. Bringing visual languages from nature into collage formats, students will learn how to use archival gluing and adhesive materials. Hands-on collage techniques will be demonstrated from start to finish. Students can utilize scrap materials, and the class will also expand on simple painting techniques to explore pattern and form in image making. 

The online workshop will be recorded.

Supplies provided courtesy Good Hart Artist Residency. Pick up your kit at CTAC-Petoskey. The workshop will utilize your own found objects from nature and some basic materials (listed below). 

Good Hart Artist Residency

Supplies provided at CTAC – Pick your kit up at CTAC-Petoskey

  • PVA glue, 8 oz
  • Glue brush
  • Fan paint brush (1 per student) 
  • Bone folder (1 per student) 
  • Stonehenge paper – white, 90lbs (10 pages per student @ 9 x 12” each, taken from pads  or torn from larger sheets) 
  • Adhesive paper (pre-cut into 10 pieces per student, @ 12 x 12” each) Gudy 831 (Gudy V) Mounting Adhesive 
  • Glassine (5 pieces per student @ 12 x 16” each)
  • Adhesive pick up eraser (1 per student) 

Supplies to be provided by students 

  • A few objects collected from nature that appeal to you
  • A few quick sketches that focus on patterns, lines and shapes you see and have  found in nature 
  • Pencil and eraser 
  • Black, white and any colors of acrylic paint 
  • Variety of paintbrushes 
  • Water jar for thinning paints
  • Tray or palette for mixing paints 
  • Water jar for cleaning brushes 
  • Water jar for the glue brush (when actively gluing) - Paper towels or scrap cloths for blotting paint brushes - Scraps of paper and fabric 
  • Variety of paper for collaging onto 
  • Scissors 
  • Exacto knife 
  • A large heavy book (to be used as a weight in gluing) - Wax paper 


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