Capturing the Landscape in 5 Easy Steps
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    In this workshop beginning to advanced students will explore ways to create unique, personal plein air artworks by interpreting what they see outdoors. Participants will learn how to find dynamic compositions with strong focal points and push color to enhance their vision. We will step away from the confinement of exact “copying” of reference materials and move toward finding our own interpretation of a scene.

    Day One (near Crooked Tree) will begin with a short demonstration using a tonal underpainting to create a halftone “structure” on which to build a pastel painting. We’ll learn about a 5-step process that increases your chances of creating a successful painting. We’ll discuss deciding on a view to paint, how to crop a scene for various compositional options and how to loosely block in dark and medium areas that establish a value plan, BEFORE adding color. Students will then work on paintings inspired by the view that inspires them, with individual help from Jill.

    Day Two (at a nearby location) will begin with another short demo using a complementary color to tone our entire paper to create an impressionistic, “vibrating” effect. After using the 5-step process to begin the piece, emphasis will be on students painting loosely and using strong marks to strengthen their chosen composition.

    Both painting locations will depend on weather conditions. If we are unable to paint outside, we will work in the Crooked Tree classrooms.



    Examples of Jill Stefani Wagner Art

    Examples of Jill Stefani Wagner Art

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    Jill Stefani Wagner

    Artist and CTAC Workshop Instructor
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