Bodies Of... Juried Exhibition of Ceramic Arts

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Bodies of work, clay bodies, vessels -- this exhibition aims to show not only exceptional examples of the ceramic craft today, but a conceptual exploration of the medium as well. Juror Sigrid Zahner selected approximately 60 works by Great Lakes regional artists to be included in the exhibition.

Award Winners

First place: Scott Leipski

Second place: Rhett Russo

Third place: Joel Pisowicz

Honorable mentions: Karen Antrim, Pamela Hart, David Petrakovitz, Marcia Polenberg, Becca Shaull, April Walker

Bodies of award winners

Exhibiting Artists

Laurie Anderson
Karen Antrim
Kathy Brady
Jeannine Caesar
George Cooper
Andrew Davis
Pamela Day
Christopher Dean
Brianna Deterling
Julie Devers
Susie Drust
John Fansmith
Pamela Hart
Berit Hines
Sean Kelly
Steve Kline
Stephen Kostyshyn
Robert Kawczyk
Christine Laginess
Scott Leipski
Brandon Lutterman
Cara O'Brien
Antonio Pazzi
David Petrakovitz
Joel Pisowicz
Marcia Polenberg
Rhett Russo
Becca Shaull
Todd Springer
Greg Stahly
Eric Strader
Stephen Stuchell
Nina Tarr
John Thrasher
Will Van Dyke
April Walker
Weiting Wei
Philip Wilson
Mike Zureich


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