Coffee @ Ten: Japanese Aesthetics and Arts with Mami Takahashi

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Carnegie Building Rotunda Room
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Have you ever thought about  why traditional Japanese paintings use background differently compared to Western paintings? Or, why the traditional performance art looks slow and not so dramatic?

The concept of MA, the space between structural parts and/or interval, is related to the Japanese ideas of Zen, wabi-sabi, and the way of tea. It has been influencing various art forms in Japan for thousands of years, including visual and performance arts, as well as architecture. By looking at artworks of Japanese traditional paintings, video footage of a Noh performance, and contemporary performance, Mami Takahashi will illustrate visual examples of the concept of MA, and present a way of eastern perspective to see the arts.

Coffee @ Ten is our free monthly lecture series. Enjoy complimentary baked goods and coffee generously sponsored by Roast & Toast Coffee and Cafe.


Mami Takahashi

2018 Good Hart Artist in Residence
CTAC Petoskey